Balanced Portfolio vs SP500

Our balanced portfolio encompasses a variety of instruments. Some of them offer progressive but stable growth, as others offer higher returns with moderate to high risk.

This portfolio has outperformed the SP500 for the period of 20 weeks as shown on the graph. This is a historical performance of the portfolio and does not reflect the market today as it is ever changing.

On the right is shown the approximate break down of the different market segments that we invest. The numbers are approximate due to the hands on trading approach we utilize.

We construct our portfolios based on fundamental analysis, a vast scope of technical tools, while conducting a detailed examination of the economic and political climate.

We manage our portfolios on daily basis, while utilizing technical analysis to open and close short-term positions once an opportunity presents itself.

The balance portfolio combines above average returns with diversified risk.

Portfolio Distribution as %

  • Energy
  • Techology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Defense
  • ETF