We work towards your financial prosperity

Our Philosophy

We diversify our approach to investing by understanding time and value well. Our years of experience help us filter through the stream of information. As experts in numerous industries we are able to understand the mechanics of the sentiment while we look through the prism of our fundamental, technical and market analysis.


Stanislav Grozdanov

Managing Director

Our Approach

Tailored to the Client

Our clients differ in their needs, expectations, and risk tolerance. We can accustom our portfolio to meet their specific concerns.


We offer our expertise on a vast variety of topics. We are also specialized in numerous fields that pertain to investment and beyond.

Asset Management

We manage our clients’ assets by evaluating new investment opportunities while efficiently operating their overall portfolio.

Due Diligence

We provide M&A consulting accompanied with due diligence services.

Our Portfolios

  • Conservative
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  • Balanced
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  • Aggressive
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We have listed several articles written by the Montley Fool to aid you in your investment decisions.

Investing means to put forth an amount of something with the expectation that it will generate a return in the future. You will hear people talk about investing their time or effort, and of course, money. When you invest your money, it means that instead of spending it you are putting it in some sort of vehicle that will use it to make more money. And that’s why investing is important.

                         Investing creates wealth

It’s easier to become financially independent when your money is working for you. The greater the return you earn from investments, the less you have to rely on your working salary to support yourself and achieve your financial goals.


We have over 20 years experience providing expert financial advice.


Continual growth throughout various economics climates.


We provide a professional service as our clients always come first.

Calculated Risk

Every investment we made is calculated within the acceptable standards.

Portfolio Management

With our system of calculated risk in place we are able to provide an asset allocation strategy that fits our portfolio.

Result Oriented

We always aim high as great results are our ultimate goal.


Solution Partners

Our financial partners help us deliver compelling expertise that drives investment growth and increase in customer loyalty.